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Super Fans

Posted by Jason Spangler on

I listen to a lot of podcasts about the eCommerce world since my B.A. in History from the University of South Carolina didn't cover that topic in the 1990s.  ;)  On a recent episode the guest described the "review economy" that we live in today.  My wife works for a Business Magazine as a Senior Editor and I asked her if she had ever heard of that term.  She in response scolded me for believing everything these online entrepreneurs opine about. 

However, it's undeniable that in retail today people are looking for unbiased reviews before making purchasing decisions.  We all do it (even those in my Generation X and certainly the Millennials that followed us). Before I purchase something I skip past the wordy marketing and go straight for the reviews and ratings.  Does that sound like how you shop?

When folks in the largest online community of Scouting memorabilia collectors ask about storage I'm proud to say that it's often our Best Hobby Pages "Super Fans" that give us an invaluable recommendation.  Typically, these have come when someones asks a question about how to organize and store their patches.  Unsolicited they have spoken up for the quality of Best Hobby Pages and shared how they have used the product.  As the new owner of Best Hobby Pages these fans are a real treasure and I hope to continue to earn their praise. Below are some screen grabs to illustrate this phenomenon.

All of these images were gathered from public posts and comments made on the Scout Patch Collectors Facebook Group which has over 16,000 members from around the world.

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