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Introducing The Roanoke Pages - A Collector Favorite Returns

Posted by Jason Spangler on

Best Hobby Pages is bringing back an old favorite!  Many collectors will recognize these Roanoke pages because for many years a dealer out of the Blue Ridge mountains area of Virginia brought these to shows.  Many collectors fell in love with this tough vinyl page that was brilliant because it was double sided.  The center white vinyl background allows you to display items front and back without cutting cards to give you that double sided advantage. This works particularly well when you have an album where you want to maximize space.

These pages come in 5 different configurations to store and display anything you want.

6-Pocket Traditional
6-Pocket Scout (CSP, flap shape)

Why carry a vinyl page?
For more than a decade Best Hobby Pages has focused on the PAGE system which includes using archival polypropylene envelopes and pages to store collectibles. That commitment is never going to change. The truth is we have had numerous collectors ask us in the past where to find these Roanoke pages. Once collectors start using a product they develop a deep loyalty. When these pages disappeared from the hobby collectors were hungry to find them again. By bringing these fan favorite pages back we are serving a niche in the hobby that uses and enjoys these unique double sided vinyl pages. So moving forward Best Hobby Pages will grow to be a become a hobby supply brand that tries to listen to the needs of fellow collectors.

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