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Passing The Torch

Posted by Jason Spangler on

I was there in 2009 when Joe Klos launched Best Hobby Pages at the Pre-NOAC Trade-O-Ree.  Ironically earlier that year I had started my email newsletter the Scouting Hot Finds.  So going into the National OA Conference I was trying to get into blogging and had a camera set up at that Trade-O-Ree.  I asked Joe if he would let me interview him as a kind of commercial to explain and promote his product.


Over the next decade I saw Joe and his Best Hobby Pages crew at multiple TORs and always enjoyed their set up with bright t-shirts and the bold banner with the slogan "Got Plastic? We Do!"  In 2017 I started selling some items on consignment for Joe using my Facebook strategy. In August he called and asked if I could handle fulfillment for Best Hobby Pages as he was in the middle of moving to a different state and starting a challenging new job.

The four months that I had my on the job training helped me really understand the business.  I took the product to trade-o-rees in Atlanta, St. Louis and Winston-Salem during the fall of 2017.  As 2017 was drawing to a close Joe and I came to an agreement for me to purchase the company's assets and become the new torch bearer for this great product.

So what you will see in the new year is some renewed effort to have a TOR presence for Best Hobby Pages.  I have also started over with a new storefront to handle online orders that will give me some flexibility for multi-channel selling.  If you have any suggestions moving forward please send me an email.

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