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Big Collector Shares Pictures Of How He Uses Best Hobby Pages

Posted by Jason Spangler on

Doug Schwab has been collecting Scouting memorabilia for decades.  Recently he sent me some pictures of his collection stored in Best Hobby Pages just so people could see how the PAGE system works.  You will see in these randomly selected pictures that Doug uses the envelopes that are made to fit into the pages.  The system is designed to securely display and protect your collectibles in a 3-ring binder.

The 4-pocket envelopes with "short" card stored in the matching 4-pocket page
6-pcoket envelopes for small medal pins in the matching 6-pocket page
2-pocket envelopes displaying these armbands in the matching 2-pocket page
3-pocket envelopes holding these shoulder patches in the matching 3-pocket page
2-pocket pages with patches beside each other in matching 2-pocket pages
4-pocket envelopes holding these extremely rare issues in the matching 4-pocket envelope.

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