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Do Your Vinyl Plastic Pages Crackle?

Posted by Jason Spangler on

Long before I ever purchased the company from Joe my favorite product that BHP carries is the 6-Pocket Scout White Polypropylene Archival Page. What I really like about these is that the white backing provides such a great pop to the color of the patches.  A lot of people cut out index cards to fit in these similar page but these have the white literally baked in as a solid backing of poly white plastic. 

But perhaps the best reason to use the 6-Pocket Scout White Pages and the similar 6-Pocket Clear Scout Pages is what happens to the competition over time.  This plastic is a soft archival product that over time doesn't dry out and become stiff.  It's almost like over time those vinyl competitors are decaying.

This struck me recently at a Boy Scout trade-o-ree where I purchased a notebook full of flaps that were fitted in vinyl plastic pages from Tri-Arrow Products.  When I stripped out the flaps so that I could scan them the pages really showed their age.  I stacked them up on my desk and the 21 pages laying flat with nothing in them were over 3 inches tall.  They have literally shriveled up and hardened as they age.  This is why I recommend using our archival safe polypropylene pages.  Of course unless you like the crackling sound when you flip through your notebook!

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