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Dallas TOR Report

Posted by Jason Spangler on

The 2nd stop on the Trade-O-Ree circuit for Best Hobby Pages in 2018 was the Dallas TOR which is held at the Grapevine Convention Center.  So far as I know the full BHP inventory had never been to a Dallas Trade-O-Ree so this was a good opportunity to introduce the product to collectors in that region. 

Several people did make small purchases to test out the archival envelope and page system.  However one of the best known collectors in that area, Tracy Mesler, made a deal to take home several hundred dollars worth to test out on his extensive Region 9 collection.

At this TOR I also tried out a new system for setting up at the show.  I brought along a small craft stable that the bins could sit on just under that banner.  This set up let me have more of an open table to lay out frames and talk to other Scouters.

Before leaving I put down money on a table in the "big room" for next year so I'll be back in 2019!

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