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Customer Pinterest Board

Posted by Jason Spangler on

In a recent social media blast I asked users if they would share pictures of their collection being organized in Best Hobby Pages. Two of my customers shared some pictures that I want to share today. 

Russell Bennett has a nearly complete collection of OA Lodge 617 patches (only missing 3!).  On a recent vacation to the beach he took along some BHP and got his collection completely organized.  Russell uses the classic system that the PAGE system was designed for. He stores his collection in 3-ring binders.  This method allows him to pick the envelope and page that matches the need.  So whether it's a two-piece OA flap set or a neckerchief he can make it work.

Mark Kaye has a great collection including one that is a popular and fun niche collection.  He collects the community strips that match the towns in his council footprint.  Mark has these organized alphabetically in the popular 4p Envelopes.  The trick he is using is flipping the card stock on the back to give a complete neutral backdrop for the patches.  Some people like to write on the cards and some collectors prefer to have the look that a blank card offers.

In this photo we can see another clever trick he has created that would make a lot of sense for BHP users.  If you are going to organize your collection then the last thing you want to do is have to redo it when you get a new need.  To solve this Mark has created a clear typed up place holder for a patch that he is still looking for.  Looks like great incentive for him to keep this on his needs list and plug the hole.

In this photo you can see another reason why the 4p envelope gives you some flexibility.  In this case when he was able to find an even earlier khaki and red PINE GROVE strip you can see he had room to place it next to it's partner.

I love seeing how collectors are using BHP!  Do you store your collection in the product and have some hack or similar idea that you can share with the community?  Please reach out to me and I'd love to feature you here in the blog. 


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