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6-Pocket Scout White Polypropylene Archival Page (center loading) - Best hobby pages

6-Pocket Scout White Polypropylene Archival Page (center loading)

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This is a center loading page with a white background built into the page.  This makes the items only visible from the front and gives a great built in background to display the items cleanly.  There are no envelopes that match this page.

The PAGE System: Plastic Archival Grade Envelope System

Envelope - the primary display unit - each envelope is designed to fit into specific page - either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 pockets pages. The envelope has a tab which tucks into the top of the envelope. The envelope provides the security of not having your item slide out of the page.

Card - the card is an acid free stock that is a perfectly matched color to highlight your whites and colors; each card is designed specifically to go inside the envelopes and have informational lines for you to fill out. One card comes with each envelope purchased.

Page - this is the secondary display unit - all pages are uniform in size to create a professional appearance; envelopes are inserted into pockets on the page from the edge of each pocket closest to the binder rings.


Q: What material did you use to make these? A: Polypropylene.

Q: How does that compare to vinyl or heavy gauge plastic? A: Simple, it doesn't. Polypropylene is archival safe, does not crack, fade, remove or transfer color, does not smell like sofa covers, weights less, and has better tolerance to heat and cold.

Q: How do I know your pages will hold up to use? A: We created a sample book which we use to show off our product at events we attend. Since it's creation, we estimate it's pages have been turned 2000 times without any issues at all. That is probably more than most collections will be viewed over their lifetime.

Q: What do I do with all the used old holders I have that aren't archival safe? A: We really don't have a good answer to this. We do appreciate you noting the difference and converting your collection to a product that will properly store your valuables for years to come.

Q: What is a side loading page? And why use them? A: Side loading pages have pockets that load to the center of the binder at the rings. This ensures your items will not fall out of the top of the page like traditional pages.

Q: Can I use just the pages without the envelopes? A: Yes. However the purpose of the matching set of envelopes and pages is to better protect you items and ensure your items do not fall out of the pages. Loose items not secured in envelopes have a tendency to slide out of any page; therefore we do not recommend this. However, if you do not use binders, the envelopes may be used by themselves and put in bins, boxes, trays, or display cases.

Q: Why doesn't your 6-Pocket Scout Page come with envelopes? Is it side loading as well? A: Our 6-Pocket Scout Page is designed to replace and upgrade a popular product (no longer available) that has long been used by scout traders to hold their CSPs, JSPs and Flaps. It is loaded from the center of the page (rather than the top - like a traditional baseball card page). However, we created only a slit without clearance so when you turn your binder over, the patches will not fall out of the page. Not having envelopes for this page allows room for 6 scout patches per page and helps starting collectors reduce the cost of protecting their collection properly. If you prefer the extra protection provided by envelopes, we recommend either our 3 or 4 pocket envelope/page sets.

Q: Which version of the 6-Pocket Scout Page is best for me? To best suit our customers needs, we created the 6-Pocket Scout Page in two versions: A white background page to better display your items, bringing out the rich colors and blocking the view of pages underneath. and A completely clear page, like our other Page System products, which allows viewing from both sides and doubling up patches for up to 12 patches per page.

Q: What is a 6-Pocket Standard Page? To clarify the distinction between the 6-Pocket Scout Pages and our normal side loading with matching envelopes page, we created the name: the 6-Pocket Standard Page.